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Who we are

Water Resources and Development Company (WARD) s.a.r.l is an experienced and innovative firm specializing in water wells drilling, pumping stations, reservoir construction, supply networks, buildings, roads and bridges, dams, hill-lakes and infrastructure construction.

WARD is the product of "Wehbe Drilling Contracting" that has an experience history in excess of 40 years in water wells drilling. The founder, Mr. Abbas Wehbe, was qualified as a prime contractor for water wells drilling by the Lebanese government back in 1972.

"Wehbe Drilling Contracting" and its product company WARD have drilled the majority of wells in Lebanon. In addition, numerous wells were drilled in Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Libya and Sudan.

WARD's domain is the Water supply from main/sub Pump stations through large diameter transmission network pipelines to ground/elevated concrete reservoirs through distribution networks to house connection.

Orthopedic and Ophthalmologic Hospital

Chama’a Castle Rehabilitation and Development

CONVEYOR 800 - Contract Section 2 & 3

Water Supply Distribution Networks

Why us

The high standard of work performance contributed in granting WARD the ISO 9001:2008 certificate.

On the other hand WARD is ranked “Grade A” qualified contractor by several local governmental administrations and international institution, namely:
1- The Council of Development and Reconstruction (CDR)
2- The Council for the South
3- The Ministry of Energy and Water
4- Where most of the projects are financed through World Bank, Islamic Bank, International and Arabic funds


WARD is widening its construction services (roads, bridges, railways, Tunnels, waste water treatment plants) through joint venture and representation agreements with international companies reputed in such fields; WARD is also in the process of expanding (through joint ventures) its well drilling experience and capabilities to include oil and gas well drilling along with related petroleum and civil construction; however during the last five years WARD’s construction turnover stretched to reach more than USD 450 Million.

WARD has a factory for the production of percussion water well rigs along with all necessary down-hole tools and equipment.

Bawabeh Square, Tyre Phase III

Water Supply And Sanitation, Orikum

Gas Fueled Power Plants

Kotu Ring Rural Water Supply